Media Release – Pepper Jacques New York Showcase

July 18, 2014

Contact:              Marshea Fenderson /  /  646-996-9945

Pepper Jacques Launches Resort 2015 Collection,
Merges MB Fashion Week-Swim with New York City
[Click Here to view the PDF]

Who:       Pepper Jacques: The smart, luxury clothing brand that designs for all sizes.

What:      Pepper Jacques is presenting a revolutionary collection in a revolutionary way.  Their new collection of carefully constructed pieces is designed to flatter women regardless of their figure, and will debut during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim in Miami. Pepper Jacques rejects the spatial limitations of traditional fashion shows, and will also be launching the Resort 2015 collection during a 3-day interactive exhibition in both Miami and New York.  Who said a debut can only be in one place? The showcase will bridge the gap between the two markets, complete with a live video feed between the New York and Miami showcase spaces.  In addition to taking a refreshing approach to how women’s clothing is produced, Pepper Jacques also takes a new view on how it is presented. Their unique approach to blending technology and fashion is not an event that can be missed.

When:       July 18-21, 2014 [Not sure if the same buyers/media time frames apply here]

Where:     Chashama at 266 West 37th St.


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